How to soothe your overwhelm in 3 steps

How to soothe your overwhelm in 3 steps

Hi there, dear friend! Welcome back to another enriching episode of our podcast journey. I'm your host, Lizz Romney, and I’m thrilled to have you here, especially after a brief two-week hiatus. In today's episode, we're tackling a topic that resonates with so many of us: overcoming overwhelm. Whether you're facing chronic health challenges or any other kind of hurdle in life, this episode is crafted with you in mind. Let's dive into the insights and strategies to help you navigate through the fog of overwhelm with grace and resilience.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understanding Overwhelm: I delve into what overwhelm really means - the feeling of carrying too much within us, whether it's emotions, expectations, or stress, and how it manifests in our lives.
  • The Four Faces of Overwhelm: I explore the four key areas where overwhelm often surfaces:
    • In your body
    • In your moods and reactions
    • In your mind 
    • n your daily life
  • Step-by-Step Escape Plan: I share a three-step escape plan to identify, understand, and tackle overwhelm:
    • Identifying where your feelings of overwhelm are most pronounced.
    • Understanding the REFRAME method, an acronym for strategies to soothe overwhelm
    • Matching your overwhelm areas with appropriate REFRAME strategies.
  • Creating Your Personal Escape Plan: I encourage you to use the provided guide to tailor your own escape plan, ensuring a proactive approach to managing overwhelm.


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  • Not Medical Advice: Please remember that this podcast is based on personal experiences and opinions, and is not intended as medical advice.

Thank you for joining me in this empowering episode. Remember, happiness isn't just about chance; it's about designing it intentionally, even amidst life’s challenges. Looking forward to our next episode, dear friend!


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