Transform your health challenges into a happier, peaceful life

Dealing with health challenges, either physical, mental, or emotional, can negatively affect the way you view yourself and your life, but it doesn't need to be like that!

The Happy By Design Journal is a tool that will equip you to recognize the beauty in your life even on the toughest days. It will help you commit to daily intentional happiness!

Every prompt is design to guide you into crafting the life you aspire to live, no matter what's happening in your life!

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  • Experience daily joy

    You'll learn to find and create happiness in your routine regardless of hardship

  • Recognize the beauty

    You'll learn how to hold on to what makes your life special as you go through the tough parts of your health journey

  • Rewrite your life's narrative

    You'll focus on cultivating a hopeful and optimistic view for your life

  • Shape who you want to be

    It will help you take charge of creating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that keep you moving forward! 

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Overcome Life's Detours

The funny thing about health challenges is that they can make you feel like you'll not have the future you wished for yourself, but the truth is that you can create a new version of it where you thrive as you manage your health. You can have our cake and eat it!

You just need a guide to help you get there! The Happy By Design journal is that guide!

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What makes Happy By Design Journal different?

This journal equips you to live a Happy By Design life where you commit to live an INTENTIONAL happy life.

I use 5 daily emotional habits to get you there:

  • Talk To God

    There are many wonderful reasons why having a strong relationship with God is good for us, but as we go through health challenges, the main reason is so we don't feel alone and hopeless.

  • Chase Your Dreams

    Health challenges can make us feel stuck; as you pursue your dreams, even if it is not the same way as others, you signal your mind, heart, and spirit that you want to fight for a bright future.

  • Show deep appreciation for who you are

    Feeling sick constantly can mess up our self-perception, but as we recognize what makes us remarkable we start seeing the truth of who we are again.

  • Learn From Your Mistakes, Misteps, & Challenges

    The hardest experiences in life can become the most memorable ones if we focus on using them to become better. Your health challenges can do that for you!

  • Believe Everything Is Possible

    Hope that things can get better is the foundation of change. If we want to make room for happiness in this hard season of life, we must create a believing mindset.

Reflect On The Month

In the Reflect On The Month section, you check how you're doing in the important parts of your life. It helps you see what areas need more of your attention and which areas bring you most joy.

This part isn't about judging what's good or bad in your life. Don't think of it like that. Just think about it with love and a wish to make more space for happiness. Remember, there's always a way to be more happy.

Fill out this section at the end of each month.

Prepare For The Month

In the Prepare For The Month section, you make goals and dreams for the upcoming month. The funny thing about health challenges is that on really hard days, it can make us feel that we have no future and there's no point to keep trying. But that's not true! Whenever you feel down, come back to this section and remind yourself that no matter what, you can still make a wonderful life!

Fill out this part at the start of each month.

Prepare For The Day

Prepare For The Day is about understanding how you feel and think at the start of your day. For example, I often feel negative in the morning. That's okay. However, the prompts in this section allow you to intentionally decide to work on adopting a new attitude if needed. They also give you a chance to connect with God in a simple way.

I suggest doing this section between waking up and lunch.

Reflect On The Day

Reflect On The Day is my favorite. Here, you'll learn what to focus on to make room for happiness. The prompts are designed to train your brain to notice and create great moments in your day. Yes, this part helps you learn to be happier.

I suggest doing this part between the end of dinner and bedtime.

You also have a free writing section at the end of the daily part. This section called “Pour out my heart” is for you to journal whatever you want! You can also use it if for some reason you ran out of space in one of the prompts, you can continue it in this section. 

Why I created the Happy By Design Journal

When I was diagnosed with leukemia,I knew hard days were in my future, but I wanted to make sure I was always focusing in the light among the darkness.

I needed something that would remind me daily that my life was more than just constantly feeling sick. To remind me that I could still be happy even when overwhelmed.

I created the Happy By Design Journal to help me design the happiness that I wanted and to help me manage in a healthy way the struggles of my cancer.
And it can do the same for you!

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